Our Research

Our expedition is a multidisiplinary mix of established and emerging scientists. Our large expedition team is split across five research areas and will have the assistance of a technical support team.

Research Areas

Terrestrial Ecology

Deciphering the epic biological story of plants and invertebrates in the face of climatic, biotic, anthropogenic and evolutionary change.
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Freshwater Ecology

Unravelling the mysteries of the freshwater environs, nutrient subsides, and past climatic and environmental changes.
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Examining the glacial-like geomorphic features to determine their likely origin, age, and impact on the landscape and flora. 
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History and Archaeology

Providing a qualified and thorough assessment of historic sites, and a search for pre-European contact.
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Human Interactions

How humans relate to, and reshape, their natural environment.
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Technical assistance

Base-camp management,  communications, safety, search and rescue, and helping to engender a spirit of common purpose.
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