Candid Moments

signing off from Campbell Island for the last time
Shelley McMurtrie
7 Feb 2011 - 21:13
Candid Moments
Pleurophyllum in flower
Southeast Harbour
Monument Harbour from Pizeau Peak
Shelley sampling
Itchy nose
Sea lion
Sea lion
Campbell Island Shag
Campbell Island Teal
Yellow-eyed penguin
Campbell Island Snipe
Farewell party

The field component of our CIBE programme is almost complete. Tomorrow (the 8th February) we will be loading our gear onto the Naval vessel HMS Wellington and leaving the shelter of the Perseverance Harbour on the 9th to head back home.  

This will be my last before making the trip home, as tonight the BGAN satellite will be packed away ready for loading. There are many blogs and videos yet to come, to cover all the trips and experiences here, but they will have to wait until...

Norm Judd
5 Feb 2011 - 20:57
Candid Moments
Steve & Nelly

Expedition members are winding down their field visits, packing away equipment, samples and supplies for the return home and doing last minute checks on research to make sure there are no gaps that will definitely turn their results into toast on arrival home (after 9 February there’ll be no going back to Campbell Island for a quick look).

With all the bustle of closing down the expedition I am reminded of the 1916 Campbell Island farm station diary in which the headman wrote...

This journey is coming to an end ...
Colin Meurk
5 Feb 2011 - 20:45
Candid Moments
Swamps & Carla
Carla & Colin
Alex F
Re-used lunch paper
Mallow puff daisy
Albatross & daisy
Harbour lights
Harbour lights

Well ‘swamps’ did warn us from day one! “There are only 64 days left before we sail back to the mainland. And when you take out Christmas, New Year, bad weather, ship visits, sea lion bites, etc.; well, you might as well pack up now”! Swamps, alias Mark Crompton, weather observer, is the official ray of sunshine. But in a sense he was right. The 9 weeks at the beginning seemed to stretch out forever into the...

Once bitten, twice shy
Colin Meurk
20 Jan 2011 - 21:07
Candid Moments
Bites healing well
Sea lion pup

The sea lion bites are healing well – getting to the itchy stage and am off the antibiotics. That experience has made me a tad cautious – verging on the paranoid, as I poke under every tussock and fern in my travels around the coast - where there is a possibility of another close encounter. Like this evening on the board walk – got past one sea lion beside the track and almost immediately encountered another – or rather an amorous couple of sea lions – biting...

Norm Judd
19 Jan 2011 - 21:13
Candid Moments
Charging up the hill

Many year’s ago, someone said I must try to find So-and-So’s cave on Campbell Island. I can’t remember So-and-So’s name but let’s say it was Fred Blogg. His cave was said to be high up on the northern slopes of Campbell Island’s North East Harbour. Campbell Island is remote. Fred Blogg’s cave is remote on Campbell Island. The last time someone went there must have been in the 50’s or 60’s. Or so they said. And they found an old enamel...

Farewell to the Maia
Shelley McMurtrie
15 Jan 2011 - 21:45
Candid Moments
Bringing the Maia's tender aboard
Eddie - Maia crew member
Maia's plush interior
Alex and Shelley
Alex and Annabel
Garden Cove team photo
Colin, Shelley, Ben, and Annabel
Farewelling the Maia
Maia at anchor

It is 10.30pm and I am just back from taking photos in the waning light and persistent drizzle. The base is quiet with the Maia having just left, sounding its fog horn as it lifted anchor and drifted off into the rain and mist. In a way it is like the silence that descends on a house when the kids have gone back to school, that seems all the more quiet after the fun and laughter of the school holidays (funny I should be using that simile given that I have no children of my own!). With our...

A time honoured tradition
Shelley McMurtrie
15 Jan 2011 - 20:49
Candid Moments
CIBE Team plus Artists
CIBE Team plus Artists and Maia Crew

With the Maia here for four days we had the opportunity to follow the time honoured tradition of taking an expedition team photo. The usual place for this is down at the wharf by the ‘Welcome to Campbell Island’ sign, but the island had other plans for us. We awoke this morning to steady rain and low cloud that gave the definite impression that it had comfortably settled in with its feet up, and had no intention of moving on for some time.

The process of taking any type...

Weather Forecasting at Campbell Island
Mark Crompton
9 Jan 2011 - 21:06
Candid Moments
See video

Having had a long-time interest in meteorology, I am the Expedition’s unofficial weather forecaster and receive weather-maps per the MetService Radiofax transmissions.

Interpreting these maps for the Expedition enables me to spread dismay, despondency and despair daily. I have a natural talent for this anyway and indeed doom and gloom is one of the few things I’m very good at.

If the weather is bad, as it often is here, I advise the team to make the most of it...

The little things in life
Shelley McMurtrie
8 Jan 2011 - 21:22
Candid Moments
Hooker Valley
Time For A Rest
Mrs. MacGyver
Water Sampling
Ready To Head Back To Base
Mt Faye Saddle
Grateful For Waders
Getting Closer To Base
Time To Rest

After a four-day trip away to the northern extremes of the island we were on our way home again. We had traversed and sampled a part of the island seldom visited by people – Hooker Stream that runs through the Hooker Valley. With the local name of ‘starvation valley’ I guess it is no surprise that not many people decide to frequent this part of the island (or return if they do), but I was thoroughly chuffed we made the effort.

On the final trek home with a pack...

A piece of my heart in Campbell Island
Colin Meurk
8 Jan 2011 - 21:12
Candid Moments
Standard And Peg
Quadrat 'E'
Quadrat 'E'
Quadrat 'E'
Golden Light
The Mood Gathers

My heart is nailed to Campbell Island
like the aluminium pegs pushed in peat 40 years past
to mark plots with unknown futures
but with some secret aspiration to monitor vegetation change
forever -
attributed to sheep forgotten by shepherds half a century before

And here i am again
trying to locate these spots, being covered over by peat and plants
with fading memories and sepia pics
with fading muscles on spongy puds –...

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