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A Campbell Island Christmas encore
Shelley McMurtrie
29 Dec 2011 - 18:00
Island Life
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An email from Carla about how we would celebrate Christmas and New Year away from Campbell Island got a few Christmas memories going for the CIBE team. For Mark Crompton his Campbell Island Christmas memories are:

"Songs down at the wharf, Mountford pinot, mussels fritters, vodka steeped in sweet vernal, tangos...

A pastry chef in the making
Shelley McMurtrie
17 Dec 2011 - 18:00
Island Life
Timber under the Hostel at Beeman Base, Campbell Island Bicentennary Expedition
Rubbish under the Hostel at Beeman Base, Campbell Island Bicentennary Expedition
Steve Croasdale, flaky pastry, Campbell Island Bicentennary Expedition
Steve Croasdale, flaky pastry, Campbell Island Bicentennary Expedition
Steve Croasdale, flaky pastry, Mountford, Campbell Island Bicentennary Expeditio
Rolling pin, Campbell Island Bicentennary Expedition

Steve Croasdale was our ‘can do’ handy man on the expedition. While he didn’t pop up a lot in our island blogs he was always there working away on repairing and maintaining the base camp buildings on behalf of the Met Service.

Part of this involved clearing out the rubbish that had accumulated under the floor of the Hostel building for many years. A number of strange items came out of that pile, but among...

Stay tuned, from island to island
Alex Fergus
7 Feb 2011 - 20:45
Island Life

I feel that little niggle. That wee worry. After 9 weeks on an isolated island with a small group of people, how will I handle returning to the outside world? Will I become a bewildered hermit, unable to operate in groups larger than 10? The answer is probably yes, but it doesn’t much matter as Carla and I have hashed a plan. To ease back into society, we will use Stewart Island as a stepping stone. The rough plan is to convert the Meurk’s holiday hut into a research lab for a...

Missing Data?
Carla Meurk
29 Jan 2011 - 20:27
Island Life
Missing data

Unfortunately, in spite of our best efforts, we will leave the island without complete datasets ...

[Carla Meurk]

Campbell: Highlights and Lowlights
Carla Meurk
28 Jan 2011 - 20:21
Island Life
View from Mt Honey
View from Mt Paris
Southern tip of NZ
Megaherb fields
View from Mt Paris

In this, my last blog from Campbell, I thought I’d compile a list of highlights and lowlights experienced on the Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition 2010/2011:

5: Sinking knee deep in peat and being unable to pull my leg out without lying down in the mud and spreading myself out as much as I could in order to free myself and thinking ‘this must be how the Moa felt’.
4: Crawling on my hands and knees through the scratchy Draco more...

Norm Judd
27 Jan 2011 - 20:11
Island Life
Colin welcoming Norm
The Maia
Watties, what else
Mince pie time
Mince pie and wine
C4 coffee
Survival Kit Company
Broken window

This is a personal thank you to all the individuals and organisations that have made the archaeological assessment of Campbell Island’s historic sites possible. It is an all time first.

This thank you comes a little early because the expedition is not yet over but I’ve seen and experienced enough to know that the expedition would not have been possible without sponsorship, donations, and technical support and assistance.

From a personal point of view the most...

The changing colours of Campbell
Carla Meurk
27 Jan 2011 - 20:05
Island Life
Christmas colours

When we arrived I commented that I was experiencing an unusual spring; we arrived to blooming Bulbinella, vomiting Giant Petrel chicks and I spent time in an Albatross colony full of babies. (NB: For those interested, Orange 83 continues to do well).

The GP chicks are losing their down and starting to flex their wings, they will fledge soon, and the Bulbinella...

So you want to do fieldwork? Part 2
Carla Meurk
26 Jan 2011 - 21:47
Island Life
Skill 6

My previous list neglected one important fieldwork capability. In the interests of completeness I thought I’d add fieldwork skill number 6: Learn to be comfortable toileting anywhere, and in any weather.

[Carla Meurk]

Campbell’s Wicked Wild Weather
Carla Meurk
22 Jan 2011 - 20:43
Island Life
Col-Lyall Saddle
Lyall Ridge
The Clag
Drying laundry
A shorts and t-shirt day?

Walking through a sea lion colony yesterday, Campbell’s wind thwarted my planned blogging activities. As I simultaneously counted live and dead sea lion pups, kept an eye on the Bulls (‘beach masters’) and minded my step on an exposed rocky outcrop in screaming wind, I was unable to add a fifth task of photography. Sadly, therefore, this experience of life (and death) in the subantarctic went un-pictured. I would love to have captured the cute yet devilish image of baby...

So you want to do fieldwork?
Carla Meurk
21 Jan 2011 - 20:18
Island Life
Waist belt

Many ecologists (and anthropologists for that matter) describe how the love of fieldwork was an important motivator in their choice of degree and career path. For those wishing to proceed along the research trajectory nowadays a PhD is a necessary prerequisite. However, there are many fieldwork skills that your university education will not teach you. To assist the budding fieldworker, I have compiled a handy list of skills required in the field:

1.    Learn to sew,...

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