North East Harbour from Lyall Ridge

EOS Ecology

EOS Ecology is proud to support the 50º South Trust and its endeavours. We lend a hand by organising fundraisers to allow the Trust’s vision become a reality, undertake their communications strategy to bring the Subantarctics into the lounge of every New Zealander, and manage their accounts to keep the IRD happy.

EOS shares with the Trust a conviction that this World Heritage area is worthy of long-term monitoring and we believe in the importance of encouraging collaboration between scientists and raising the public profile of the Subantarctic islands – the work the 50º South Trust carries out will be of immense benefit to future generations.

Who is EOS Ecology?
We are a niche aquatic research consultancy utilising robust scientific research to generate both applied and novel solutions for our clients to enhance waterway management in New Zealand. We distinguish ourselves by our dedication to accurate data, our reputation for impartiality, and the effective communication of our findings to our end-users.